SuperBook Newsletter Issue No. 43

August 12, 2022


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Okay, new rule: If – let’s say by August 10th – you’re one of the worst 10 teams in the Major Baseball Standings, you’ve got to move to Iowa. That’s it. That’s the rule. As in, “Hey owners, if you don’t build it, you will go.” While nobody really likes baseball’s bottom feeder ball games deep into summer, everyone loves the MLB Field of Dreams Game. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant. Take last night for example: Two terrible teams, the Cubs and the Reds, squared off, and we all watched it and loved it. The population of Dyersville, Iowa more than doubled for the night, and we all watched an otherwise meaningless baseball game. Sadly, the game wont’ take place there next season, as the entire site is being renovated to add Little League and softball fields (think Iowa’s version of Cooperstown; pretty cool, actually). Details. Back to this new rule idea. Tonight, instead of a crappy game like the Rockies-Diamondbacks taking place in Denver, both of these out-of-it teams will square off in a cornfield. Since all the terrible teams will be heading to Iowa, we might even avoid a game like the Dodgers-Royals affair that will be taking place in Kansas City tonight. Sorry Rockies and Royals. You want home games in August? Do better next year. You see how this could work so nicely? Bad baseball teams get punished while giving hordes of kids and their families a reason to drive to Iowa and a chance to watch Major League Baseball games until school starts. And since we’ll likely be betting on these games either way, getting to watch a more visually appealing game with all the cool cutaway TV packages is a little treat we deserve just for caring so damn much. Think about it, Commissioner Manfred. Until then, we’re all in on Yankees-Red Sox tonight. Also…speaking of Iowa…here’s a little teaser on the next SuperBook market.

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Now that you’ve seen ‘em, are you buying or selling on Daniel Jones and the Giants? Last night’s preseason matchup between the Patriots and Giants offered something most modern NFL exhibition games don’t – a chance to watch the starting quarterback. And Daniel Jones looked decent; more importantly, he’s still healthy despite some questionable offensive line play. Sure, it was preseason, but if you’re a Giants fan, it’s what you wanted to see (Quick side note: If you follow the Giants, our guy Ed Valentine’s “Kudos and Wet Willies” column on SB Nation is a darn solid read). Most games this weekend, however, will take the Bill Belichick approach and not play their starting QB (or most impactful starters, for that matter). In Denver, for example, Broncos fans have been clamoring to watch a real NFL quarterback since Peyton Manning retired, but it looks like they’ll have to wait; looks like new head coach Nathaniel Hackett has no plans of playing Russell Wilson tomorrow night against the Cowboys. If there’s one game on this weekend’s schedule that everyone should watch, it’s probably tonight’s Falcons-Lions game. Falcons-Lions? Two, likely-bad football teams (their combined win total is eleven, for crying out loud!) during the preseason? While coaches like Hackett and Sean McVay have taken a new, practically contact free approach to preseason, we know through HBO’s “Hard Knocks” that Dan Campbell does not believe in flag football just because it’s preseason. The Falcons had better have their helmets strapped on tight, because under Campbell, the Lions don’t care if it’s preseason or if you have missing body parts – they’re supposed to hit you. By Week 10, you may not want to watch either of these teams, but tonight, crack open a cool one and settle in – there’s football to play.

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