Bet on Sports at Fully Licensed Virginia SportsBook

Virginia law allows you to bet on a huge number of sports, such as basketball, football and soccer. We bring you many different types of bets ensuring that you can always back your team in the way that you wish.

NFL Betting in Virginia

We offer many different ways for bettors to get a piece of pro football action at SuperBook was the first major sportsbook to offer sides and totals for all 272 NFL games of the 18-week regular season. Additionally, we offer many different futures, index and player props and much more. For example, shortly after the 2022 NFL season we installed the Ravens at +2500 to win the Super Bowl.

While you can still enjoy NFL action from our physical location known as the World Famous SuperBook at the Westgate in Las Vegas, you can also wager from your phone. Many fans love to get in on the action early in the game and wager on which player will score the first touchdown of the game.

NBA Betting in Virginia

Feb 4, 2023; Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; The Virginia Tech Hokies cheerleaders gather on the court after the win against the Virginia Cavaliers at Cassell Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA never fails to draw the attention of fans and there is no lack of betting opportunities at SuperBook. With a massive range of markets available for both regular season and playoff games, there is more than enough action for even the most enthusiastic bettors. In addition to moneyline, spread and totals bets, you will also be able to make use of live betting, futures, and more. For instance, you could back the Washington Wizards to win the Eastern Conference.

Perhaps the most popular way to wager on the NBA at SuperBook is found on the ‘Odds Boost’ page. Every day that there are NBA games on, you can find boosted odds at Some of the most popular boosted odds NBA wagers include the player to score the first basket, a player to record a triple-double or a player to score 30+ points.

MLB Betting in Virginia

From the moment the MLB season starts right through to the World Series, there are loads of betting opportunities for fans. Each game brings with it bets such as the moneyline, runline and totals, as well as a number of prop bets. You can also make use of live betting, and you’ll find plenty of futures bets that help to keep the season interesting.

No matter which team you root for, SuperBook Sports baseball fans still find plenty of opportunities to wager on their favorite Virginia teams. is also currently offering odds for World Series and Pennant winners.

NHL Betting in Virginia

Hockey fans will tell you that the NHL is the most exciting league in the world, and this is even truer when you have a few bets riding on the next game. There are plenty of different ways to bet on hockey games, including bets on individual games, such as the moneyline, goal line, totals, live betting, and various prop bets. You can also enjoy future betting, such as on the Stanley Cup winner.

The Washington Captials are the most popular team to wager on in Virginia. makes it easy for fans to place their wagers. Not only do we have the best odds in the market, but we also offer an expansive menu of odds boosts for every NHL game.

College Basketball Betting in Virginia

While it is always March Madness that attracts the most betting action, there are plenty of opportunities to back your favorite college basketball teams throughout the entire season. There are loads of games taking place, offering markets such as the moneyline, point spread, and total, as well as live betting. The Odds Boosts page at didn’t forget about the state’s college basketball teams either. There are often times boosted odds for college hoops as well. Virginia law does not allow betting on college teams that play in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

College Football Betting in Virginia

Sep 15, 2023; College Park, Maryland, USA; Maryland Terrapins running back Antwain Littleton II (7) scores a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Virginia Cavaliers at SECU Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Reggie Hildred-USA TODAY Sports

Handicap bettors often look to college football for good betting opportunities, as there are so many options. When betting on college football you will find markets such as the moneyline, point spread, and totals. You can also live bet at If you’re looking for futures, you can bet on the College Football Playoff, Conference and and National Champions. Virginia law does not allow betting on college teams that play in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Additional Sports Betting

While betting on football, basketball, hockey, soccer and baseball may be the most popular, you can bet on many more sports in Virginia. We bring you betting markets for golf, boxing, MMA, rugby, tennis and more. If there is a sports event coming up that you would like to bet on then there is an excellent chance that you can do so right here at

How to Bet on Sports in Virginia with

It is very easy to get started here at First, you need to sign up for an account, which you can do directly through this website or through your mobile device. When you create an account, you need to provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number (last 4 digits
  • Current physical address (PO Boxes are not acceptable)
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number

By law, we need your Social Security Number in order to verify your identity, and occasionally we may need further information in order to complete this, such as a picture of your driver’s license. You will also need to download the GeoComply plugin, whether on your computer or a mobile device. This is required by law to accurately determine your location.
After you have created your account, you simply need to fund it (as explained below), and you can then start placing bets straightaway. Remember, you must be at least 21 years old and physically located within Virginia’s state borders to place a bet; otherwise, your wagers will be declined.

Types of Sports Bets Available in Virginia

The exact bets that you can place will vary depending on the sport and the nature of the event. However, there are some common bet types that you will find available almost all of the time. By using these bets in combination, you can cover a huge range of possibilities.
Here are the basic bets that you will find:


This is the most straightforward type of bet; you are simply backing one of the teams to win.


This is a bet on the combined total of points that the teams will score. The bet is presented as an Over/Under choice. You bet over if you think the total will be higher than that given in the market or under if you think it will be less.


This type of bet adds extra points or goals to the underdog’s score. If you then back the underdog to win, and they do so once those additional points/goals have been taken into account, then you win your bet.


This is a very popular type of bet that is used to cover multiple events. You have to pick the winners for at least two events, and if you get them all correct then it should result in a big win.


This type of bet is also known as alternative spreads. It is a type of parlay bet with wider spreads, which could result in you winning more bets.

Round Robins:

This allows you to “box” a bet so that all the teams play each other. You can still win a Round Robin bet if one or more of your team loses.

Prop Bets:

Prop, or proposition, bets are wagers on things other than the outcome of a game. For instance, you could bet on the first team to score or the player to score the most.

Futures Bets:

These are longer-term bets. For instance, rather than betting on a team to win a game, you may bet on them to make the playoffs or win the cup.’s Virginia Sports Betting App

Virginia allows you to place sports bets from your mobile device. This means that you can place a bet whenever you feel like it here at We have created apps for both Android and iOS, which can be downloaded and installed in minutes. It is important to remember that you will also need to install the GeoComply plugin, as this is needed to verify that you are actually within Virginia’s borders.
There are many advantages to mobile betting, especially when you consider that we also offer live betting markets. Imagine that you are watching a game at a friend’s or at the bar and you feel like placing a bet. All you need to do is open the app and you can place the bet in seconds. Many of our live betting markets are updated in real time as an event takes place, so if you are watching carefully then you may sport some fantastic betting opportunities.
Our mobile apps are incredibly easy to use, and they will also allow you to deposit funds. Essentially, it means that in your pocket, you are carrying around all that has to offer and you can make full use of it at any time.


Is sports betting legal in Virginia?

Definitely. As long as you are physically located in Virginia and over the age of 21 then it is entirely legal to place sports bets at We are fully licensed and approved to accept bets on both professional and college sports online and at our retail locations.

What sports can I bet on at

We offer markets on a huge range of sports. You can bet on all the most popular local sports, such as football, hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer, as well as sports such as golf, boxing, and MMA. We also offer markets on international sports, so you can bet on the world’s major soccer leagues and tournaments too. Virginia law does not allow betting on college teams that play in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What types of bets do you offer at

For any given event, you will find many different types of bets. We offer all the standards such as moneyline, totals and spread bets, as well as many proposition bets, live betting, futures bets and more. As such, there is every chance that you will be able to place the exact type of bet that you want to.

Can I place a bet at if I am not in Virginia?

Unfortunately, you can only place bets when physically located in a state where is licensed, which at present is Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. However, you will be able to create an account and fund it no matter where you are, which means that you can setup your account ahead of a visit to either of those states if you want to be prepared.

Can I bet from my mobile device at

Absolutely, is compatible with the vast majority of Android and Apple devices. As long as you have an internet-connected device and you are physically located in a state where we are licensed and we operate, then you should have absolutely no problems placing bets while on the go.

Does have dedicated mobile apps?

Yes. We have apps for both Android and iOS. You can find our iOS app in the Apple App Store and download it from there. The Android app is currently only available to download via our website, simply visit and follow the instructions there. In minutes, you will be enjoying all that we have to offer.

Is it legal to visit Virginia just to place a bet?

Yes it is. You do not need to be a resident of Virginia to legally place bets, just physically in the state when the bet is placed. This means that if you live near the state, happen to be passing through, or have planned a holiday just to take advantage of the sports betting opportunities, then you can do so entirely legally. You can start placing bets from the second you cross into Virginia.

Who can bet on sports in Virginia?

Anyone can place bets on sports as long as they are at least 21 years old. There are a few restrictions. For instance, those with close links to a sports team, such as its players, coaches, officials, and so on, will not be allowed to place bets. This is in order to prevent corruption in sports as they may have inside information or the ability to influence the outcome in some way.