About SuperBook Sports– The World’s Largest Sportsbook

SuperBook Sports is one of the most well known bookmakers in the industry thanks to decades of experience and a team of highly respected oddsmakers.  



Since 1993, we’ve set the bar in the world of U.S. sports betting by consistently delivering the real-time odds you need to make informed wagers and win big. From lines on pro football to props on pro soccer, add the SuperBook® team’s 100+ years of combined oddsmaking experience to your playbook.

SuperBook Westgate Las Vegas has always been a household name as the world’s largest sportsbook. Now we’ve taken our immense betting menu to mobile apps now available in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. The world’s largest sportsbook and center for great sports bettors can now fit in your pocket! Our mobile betting app now allows you to wager on our real time odds at any time.


Since 1993, we’ve set the bar high in the world of U.S. sports betting by consistently delivering the real-time odds you need to make informed wagers and win big. From lines on pro football to props on pro basketball, add the SuperBook Sports team’s 100-plus years of combined odds making experience to your playbook. 

Meet the most respected and successful odds making group in the industry. Led by sports-betting MVP Jay Kornegay, the SuperBook Sports team has over 100 years of combined experience. They’ve written the industry playbook for successful odds making. 

Jay Kornegay is the Vice President of Sportsbook Operations of SuperBook Sports and leading the way from The SuperBook at the Westgate Hotel and Casino. After graduating from Colorado State University in 1987 with a degree in Restaurant Business Management, he moved to Nevada to peruse his passion for gambling. Over the last few decades, Kornegay has worked for a number of major sportsbooks. In 1989, he opened the Imperial Palace sportsbook, which quickly became a big success. Kornegay took over at SuperBook at the Westgate in 2004 and it has gone from strong to stronger ever since. Under Kornegay’s guidance, SuperBook Sports has won numerous awards and it has represented the Las Vegas market abroad on many occasions. Due to his vast experience, Kornegay continues to be the go-to source for the media, industry experts and bettors alike. 


Working with Kornegay are John Murray, Ed Salmons, Jeff Sherman, just to name a few. Salmons has been working with Korengay since the early 1990s, a team unlike any other in the industry. Sherman began his career in the hospitality industry, but has since become a specialist in betting odds for soccer, golf and basketball. Murray has also made a name for himself, having worked with various books over the years, but making his career at the SuperBook a notable one.  John is known as a leading expert in the field and can be founding giving an interview or answering questions at any given time. 



Get real-time betting odds on an extensive spread of sporting events. Our comprehensive wagering menu is unmatched and aimed to assist you in placing informed wagers on whatever action you seek. 

We are proud to offer our customers the biggest wagering menu in the state of Nevada. This means that if there is a bet you want to place, we are more than likely to offer it. We bring you betting markets on an enormous range of sports, leagues and tournaments taking place in the United States and across the rest of the world. This means that whether you want to bet on the NBA, NHL, NFL, Premier League, the Australian Open, or anything else, we will have it covered.  

SuperBook Sports is well known for offering players a huge number of betting lines. For the Super Bowl alone we give you the chance to take advantage of more than 400 prop bets, which translates to an enormous number of betting options. The props are in addition to all of the regular betting lines that you would expect to find for a football game. Now imagine this replicated for every major sporting event throughout the year and you will begin to get a sense of just how big our wagering menu is and how many different kinds of bets you can place. That is why we are confident that even the most enthusiastic of bettors will find the exact wagers that they are looking for.  


Take your sports wagering to a grandstand level with our immersive, theater-style sportsbook experience in Las Vegas and now in Colorado. Here, you and your crew can watch and make in-progress wagers on sporting events from all over the world while indulging in our wide variety of premium food and beverages. 

The SuperBook at Westgate is not just the largest sportsbook in the world, but it is also home to our famed video wall. Our state-of-the-art LED display measures a massive 220-foot-by-18-foot and contains 63.2 million pixels. It allows you to watch live sports events in glorious 4K resolution and it will provide you with an experience like no other. While watching the screen, you can listen to the game of your choice using the Tunity app and, of course, you can enjoy a fully stocked bar, cocktail service, and plenty of food options.  

We want your visit to the SuperBook to be as enjoyable as possible. That is why we have friendly staff to greet you, convenient parking right outside the door, and the entire premises is smoke free. Of course, you will find all the amenities you could need, such as free Wi-Fi and charging stations for smartphones. We can also roll out the red carpet and provide you a true VIP experience in our Clubhouse Lounge, which is ideal for private parties.  


You can catch our reliable real-time odds on your mobile device with our new SuperBook Sports app. By offering the same information available at our physical location, this must-have app can level the playing field wherever you go.


Our mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To start using it simply visit us at the SuperBook to register for a mobile account. We will then give you a username and password, which you can use to login once you have downloaded the app. You can use the app from anywhere within the state, and it gives you immediate access to our famous wagering menu.  


While we believe that the atmosphere at the SuperBook is unmatched by any sportsbook in the world, we realize that you won’t always be able to come and visit us to place your bets. However, nothing could be more convenient than betting through your smartphone. You can place straight wagers, parlays, round robins, teasers and more. The app is fast, reliable, and once you have created your Play+ account, you will be able to deposit funds with ease and easily withdraw your winnings. 


Imagine you are watching the game in a bar with your friends and you spot a great betting opportunity. With the SuperBook Sports mobile app, you can place your bet in seconds and, if you go on to win it, you know the next round of drinks is taken care of.

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Join the oddsmaking team that consistently posts the earliest props and lines on everything from International Golf Tournaments to the Super Bowl. 

We didn’t become one of the most iconic bookmakers in the world by sitting back and relaxing. At SuperBook, we are continually working to bring you up to date betting markets and odds as quickly as possible. When you browse our wagering menu, you are bound to be impressed by the sheer range of lines on offer. It doesn’t matter what sport you are betting on (hockey, football, basketball, soccer, MMA, golf, or anything else), you will have a fantastic range of options. 

We are well known for offering some of the most creative and entertaining prop bets in the industry. At SuperBook Sports, we firmly believe that prop bets are a fantastic way to make watching and betting on sport even more fun, and we do our best to bring you as many options as possible. Next time you go to place some bets, take the time to look through our prop bets carefully and we are sure you will find many that will raise your eyebrows.  

All of the SuperBook Sports betting lines, especially the props, are put together by some of the world’s most respected oddsmakers. This means that you can be sure that the bets are well researched and that we offer some of the best odds available. There are many reasons why SuperBook Sports is one of the most trusted bookmakers in the industry but our comprehensive wagering menu is a large part of it.  


Make informed wagers with complete confidence using a sportsbook that’s been recognized for its honesty and fairness and whose reputation remains unrivaled in the world of sports wagering. 
Over the years, the SuperBook and the Westgate Resort has won numerous rewards. For example, in 2020 we won the All-Time “Best of Vegas” Award for the Best All-Time Race and Sports Book. In 2018 and 2019 we won the Best of Vegas Award in the Sports Book, Football Contest & New Entertainment category. 

We have also won many of the highly respected Las Vegas Review Journal awards, such as the Best Sports Book & Football Contest in 2017, which we won again in 2018. In 2019, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino won 23 awards from the Las Vegas Review Journal, which once again included Best Sports Book and Football Contest. Most recently we were voted #1 Sports Betting App by Las Vegas Review Journal’s “Best of Las Vegas”. 

We are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which means that our operations are held to extremely high standards. It also means that we are completely committed to responsible gambling, and encourage everyone to ensure that betting remains fun at all times. All of this means that you can enjoy complete peace of mind when placing your bets with SuperBook Sports.  


Crank up the action with ultimate pro football handicapping contest in the world. The 2018 SuperContest champion pocketed a life-changing $1,422,214. In 2021 we are now live with nine in-season contests, as well as the payout of the Top 30. With ten ways to win, players are sure to be able to stay in the action all season. How much will you take home this year? 

The SuperContest has become so famous over the years that we have now expanded to three competitions. The traditional SuperContest is bigger than before and now includes nine in-season contests to go with the overall title. The contest includes three six-week contests and six three-week contests with enormous payouts up for grabs. Furthermore, the in-season contest prizes are guaranteed with a total value of $1,132,500.  

We also offer SuperContest Gold, which is a winner-takes-all version of the SuperContest. The contestant who earns the most points across the entire pro football season will be declared the champion and the prize fund may be huge.  

Finally, there is the SuperContest Reboot. This competition runs in the second half of the season and it is open to everyone, regardless of whether they entered the original SuperContest or not. The contest runs weeks ten through 18 of the football season, has a very low entry fee, and the prize fund is then split between the top ten contestants.  

We will look to run many more contests at SuperBook Sports including MLB & NBA seasons & trade wins, Hoops Central & trade challenges, Big Game Prop contest and others, so whichever sport you enjoy, you have the chance to win.  

At SuperBook Sports we believe that “Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover,” and if you and your team are able to plan your bets carefully, you could be the next big contest winners.