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At SuperBook Sports, you will find all the NHL betting markets you could possibly need including game odds, in-play odds, and future bets.

Betting on the NHL

Hockey fans from across the world follow the NHL, which is undoubtedly the sport’s most exciting league. If you are one of these fans and you are looking to bet on the NHL, then you have arrived in the right place. We offer betting markets on every game of the NHL season, including game bets, live betting, and future markets. We have made it as simple as possible for you to place bets, you can place your NHL bets online through our website or mobile apps in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia, or you can visit one of our locations in Nevada or Colorado. Don’t worry if you are new to NHL betting, as on this page we bring you all that you need to know to get started.

Popular NHL Betting Lines and Odds

You will quickly discover that there are many betting lines offered on the NHL, both on the individual games and on the league as a whole. While they may look a little confusing at first, you will soon discover that they are very easy to understand and you can start placing your bets in no time at all.

Moneyline Bets

This is the most popular way to bet on an NHL game and also the most straightforward. It is simply a bet on which of the two teams is going to win the game. If your chosen team wins, then you win the bet. For example, if the Pittsburgh Penguins were to play Tampa Bay Lightning, then the market may look like this:

Pittsburgh Penguins +125             Tampa Bay Lightning -135

When you look at moneyline odds, the team that is favorite to win is shown with a minus sign and the underdog is shown with a plus sign. The figure after the minus sign tells you how much you need to bet to win $100 and the figure after the plus tells you how much you win if you bet $100.

In the above example, this means that if you were to bet $100 on the favorites (Tampa Bay) and they won, then you would win $74.07 and receive your initial $100 back. If you were to bet $100 on the Penguins and they were to win, then you would receive $225 (including your initial bet).

If you bet on the underdog to win, then obviously the chances of you winning the bet are smaller than if you back the favorites. This is why the payout is larger. However, it means that you may have the opportunity to make a sizeable return if you believe that there is going to be an upset.


Puckline betting markets are a form of spread betting that have been adapted to ice hockey. As ice hockey is a low scoring game, the line is nearly always set at 1.5. If a team is assigned -1.5 it means that they are favored to win by at least 1.5 goals and if they are assigned +1.5 it means that the team is the underdog by 1.5 goals.

An example may be Seattle Kraken +1.5 (-135) Vegas Golden Knights -1.5 (+180)

In this instance, if you were to back Seattle Kraken and they were to win the game or not lose by more than one goal, then your bet wins. If you were to back the Golden Knights, then you will win the bet as long as they win by at least two goals.

The numbers in brackets show you how much you need to risk and how much you may profit, much like the moneyline bet. For instance, if you won your bet on the Golden Knights and you had bet $100, then you would profit $180. If you had bet $100 on the Kraken and you win the game, then you will profit $74.07.

You will have noticed that this market has turned betting on the favorite into the riskier bet. The purpose of this is to make betting on the underdog more attractive. Furthermore, NHL bettors will often use NHL spreads if they think that an underdog will win the game but they are worried that it might be a close loss.

NHL Totals

Totals bets, often known as Over/Under, is a bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams combined in a game. For example, a market may be New York Rangers Washington Capitals O/U 6. In this instance, if you think the game will see 5 or less goals, then you bet under, while if you think it will see 7 or more you bet over. If the game had exactly 6 goals, then your bet would be returned to you as a push.

Very often, in order to avoid the push scenario, the designated number of goals will be something like 5.5. This way you can bet on their being 5 or less goals or 6 or more, and there is no chance of a push.

Occasionally you may see over/under markets on other aspects of the game. Normally you will be able to bet on how many goals an individual team will score. You may also be able to bet on the total goals or individual team goals in one of the three periods.

Prop Bets

Prop bets can be a huge amount of fun and add a different kind of excitement to your betting experience. They are bets on specific events within a game, but usually not connected to the overall result. Common game props include:

  • Winning Margin
  • Highest Scoring Period
  • Will there be Overtime?
  • Correct Score (Regular Time)
  • Odd/Even Goals
  • Last Team to Score
  • First Team to Score

There are normally a large number of prop bets on offer, and it is always worth taking the time to explore them carefully as you never know what you may find.


A parley bet allows you to combine two or more bets into one. The advantage of this is that it usually results in very generous odds allowing you the chance to win more from a smaller bet. The disadvantage is that if you lose any of the component bets, then you will lose the entire bet. You don’t even have to combine the same bet types with parlays, you could mix moneyline and total bets together.

A simple example would be combining the following two moneyline markets:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins +125 Tampa Bay Lightning -135
  • Seattle Kraken +220 Vegas Golden Knights -250

If you wanted to back the favorites in each game (Tampa and Vegas), and you were to place two $100 bets, then your potential winnings would be $114.07. However, if you were to combine them into a parlay bet, then the odds become +144 and your potential winnings from a single $100 bet are $143.70.

Parlay bets are harder to win, so the odds are more generous. However, you should be careful not to fall into the trap of combining too many bets, as they are extremely difficult to win.

Round Robins

A round robin bet is another way of combining multiple bets, a minimum of three, into one. They are more complicated than parlays but actually less risky.

If you want to pick the winners from three separate games, you could then combine all three bets into one parlay. However, if one of those teams loses, then you lose your parlay bet. With a round robin, you can still win, even if one of your picks loses. For example, if you wanted to back Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, and Toronto Maple Leafs, then the bets would be Tampa/Vegas, Tampa/Toronto, and Vegas/Toronto. If all three win, then you are in for a payout, if two win, then you are still in for a payout. The only way that you do not win is if just one wins or all three lose.

Live Odds

Ice hockey is an incredibly fast-paced sport and hugely exciting to watch. In-play betting, or live betting, allows you to bet on the games as they are taking place. You will find many different markets available, including most of those described above. However, there are a few markets that are only possible in-play. For instance, you could bet on the next team or player to score or foul. The markets are updated in real time and if you are lucky, you may be able to spot some very profitable opportunities. If you are interested in-play betting, then it is worth installing our mobile app, as it will allow you to place bets in seconds no matter where you are watching the game.

NHL Future Bets

NHL future bets are bets on events that take place in the more distant future than the next round of games. You may come across many different NHL future bets, but the most common ones are on which team will win the Stanley Cup and which team will win the Eastern/Western Conference. Other futures may include which player will in the Hart Trophy, the Conn Smythe Trophy, and the various other awards.

The future betting markets become available months in advance, long before the season starts and they remain available for much of the season. Of course, the odds change as the season progresses, but the further in advance you place the bet, the better the odds are likely to be.

How to Bet on the NHL at SuperBook Sports

If you are based in Nevada or Colorado, betting on the NHL online is easy. In Nevada, you need to visit us at Westgate to create your account, and you can then use the mobile app. In Colorado, you can sign up from anywhere in the state borders.

Just click on the ‘Join Now’ button and you will be taken directly to the registration form. It isn’t very long, all we need are some basic details from you including:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Information
  • Physical Address
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

While it may sound like we need a lot of information, we have a legal requirement to verify your identity before we are able to accept bets from you. That is why we need the final four digits of your social security number. From time to time, we may also require further documentation, such as a copy of your drivers license.

When you go to place a bet, we also need to verify your location as we can only accept bets from those within a state where we hold a license (Nevada, Colorado, New Jersey and Arizona). In order to do this, we ask you to install a plugin called GeoComply. It is very simple to setup, and it shouldn’t take you very long at all. If you are not within Colorado, you can still create your account in preparation for your next visit.

After your account is ready, the next step is to deposit some funds to bet with. There are a number of ways of doing this, all of which are simple and secure, and you should have no problem finding one that you are happy to use.

When all of this is done, you can start placing bets. The first thing to do is to navigate to the ‘Hockey’ section of our website using the menu on the left. Then you can select which league you want to bet on and select the type of market you are interested in (Games, Futures, etc.).

If you are interested in betting on an upcoming game then choose the ‘Games’ tab and you will be able to see a list of the forthcoming games. Next to each game, there are shortcuts to the most popular betting markets, Money, Total and Spread, and you can simply click on them to add them to your bet slip. To find the other markets available for each game click on ‘More Bets’.

Now you can find the various markets divided into easy to navigate categories such as Game, Game Props, 1st Period, 2nd Period and 3rd Period. All you have to do is find the market that interests you and then click on the relevant field to add it to the bet slip. As you add the bets to the slip, you will be offered the option to build parlays or round robins if you so wish. All that is left is to enter how much you want to bet, confirm your bets, and then wait to see if you have won. 

NHL Betting FAQs

What are the laws regarding NHL betting?

Each state in the US is free to set its own laws regarding NHL betting and many have chosen to make it legal. SuperBook Sports is licensed to accept bets on the NHL in Nevada, Colorado, New Jersey and Arizona. Therefore, if you are in one of those states, you are free to bet on the NHL with us completely legally. You don’t have to live in the state, just be within state borders when you place your bet.

What type of NHL bets can I place?

There is a wide range of NHL bets here at SuperBook. You can place bets such as the moneyline, puckline and totals on each of the games, as well as a number of other bets such as player props. You can also place future bets such as on which team will win the Stanley Cup or on which player will win the Hart Trophy. Our betting lines are extensive and we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Do you offer bets on other ice hockey leagues?

Yes. When you visit the hockey section of our website, you will see a full list of the leagues that we offer betting markets on. They include European leagues such as the Russian KHL, so you should be able to bet on any ice hockey game that interests you, no matter where it is taking place.

What are the important NHL statistics I should be aware of?

There are numerous NHL stats but some are certainly more useful than others are. A key one is Power Play Percentage (PP%), which is a team’s success rate on the power play when they have a one or two-man advantage. Another is Penalty Kill Percentage (PK%), which is the inverse of PP%, i.e. a team’s success rate at defending against power play. You can also look at the average goals a team scores per game and the average number of shots a team lets up and earns every game.

Can I bet on the NHL online?

Easily. The SuperBook Sports website gives you access to all the NHL betting lines we have to offer. Simply create an account and you can use our website to place bets in seconds. You can also place bets through your mobile device using our Android and iOS apps, so that you never have to miss a betting opportunity.