PGA Tour Betting Odds and Lines at SuperBook Sports

At SuperBook Sports, we bring you betting lines on every tournament of the PGA Tour as well as future bets and in-play betting.

Betting on the PGA Tour

Golf has a huge following and the PGA Tour in particular has a huge fan base. For sports bettors, the PGA Tour presents numerous betting opportunities and here at SuperBook Sports, we bring you everything you need to take full advantage of them. We offer betting lines on every tournament of the PGA Tour with a huge range of markets for you to enjoy. The markets go far beyond basic tournament outrights, giving you the ability to build a highly flexible golf betting strategy.

We have made it as easy as possible to get started betting on the PGA Tour. If you are located in Nevada or Colorado, New Jersey or Arizona, you are welcome to visit one of our SuperBook Sports venues and place your bets in person. However, you can also place your bets online. If you are new to PGA Tour betting and you are not quite sure how to get started, then keep reading. On this page, we will cover all of the basic types of wagers that you can make and show you how to use our website to place them.

Popular PGA Tour Betting Lines and Odds

Each tournament of the PGA Tour brings with it numerous opportunities to place bets. Due to the structure of a golf tournament, the betting is slightly different than when betting on other sports, such as football or basketball, but it is still just as easy. Keep reading to learn about the different types of markets.

Outright Bets

The outright bets are the most straightforward and the most popular. You are simply betting on a player to win the tournament. If your chosen player wins, then you win the bet. Here at SuperBook Sports, we display this market using fractional odds. For instance, you may see options such as the following:

  • John Rahm 4/1
  • Webb Simpson 6/1

These odds are very easy to understand. In the case of John Rahm, if you back him and he wins, then for every $1 you have bet you will win $4. For instance, if you were to bet $50 on him to win the tournament and he does, then you will win $200.

Very often, a tournament will have a firm favorite and that player will have the shortest odds. This means that if you think one of the underdogs is going to win, then it is an opportunity for you to take advantage of longer odds.

Tournament Matchups

This type of bet is almost unique to golf and it is a fantastic way to back a player that you think will do well but may not win the tournament. In this type of bet, a line is set between two players that is completely independent of the overall results of the tournament.

For example, if you have Charley Hoffman and Kevin Na playing in a tournament then you can bet on how they will perform relative to one another. It doesn’t matter where they finish in the larger field, the important thing is which one of them finishes ahead. Even the players were to finish in the bottom two, you can still win money as long as your chosen player does better.

Staying with the above example, the market may be Charley Hoffman +130, Kevin Na -150.

You will notice that these odds are expressed differently from the odds in the outright markets. However, they are still very easy to understand. The player with the minus sign is the favorite to win while the player with the plus sign is the underdog. The number after the minus sign tells you how much you need to bet to win $100 and the number after the plus sign tells you how much you win if you bet $100.

For instance, if you were to bet $100 on Kevin Na and he finished ahead of Hoffman, then you would win $66.67, and you would also receive your $100 bet back. If you had bet $100 on Hoffman and he finished ahead, then you would win $130 and receive your $100 bet back.

The returns for betting on the underdog are always going to be bigger than betting on the favorite; however, if you think a player may cause an upset, then you may have the chance to win a large amount.

Very often, there are a huge number of these tournament match up markets available, and they are a great way for you to make betting even more exciting.

Winning Score

As the name suggests, this market is on the winning score of the tournament. It is presented as an over/under market. For example, the market may be Over 269.5 (-120) Under 269.5 (+100). In this case, if you think the score will be 270 or above, then you bet over while if you think it will be 269 or below, then you would bet under. As with the Tournament Matchup market, it uses American style odds.

Group Matchups

As golf fans will know, in a tournament the players are split into groups. This is simply a bet on which player will win their group. Very often, these markets have extremely generous odds, as it can be very difficult to predict. However, this means that if you think you can pick the correct player, you will have the chance to win a large payout for a relatively small bet.


One of the great things about betting on the PGA Tour is the huge number of prop (propositional) bets you are able to place. These are bets that are not strictly related to individual players’ performances or the outcome of a tournament. For example, there may be bets such as:

  • Will there be a hole in one during the second round?
  • Will there be over or under 7 birdies on hole 5?
  • Will there be a playoff?
  • How many majors will a particular player win this season?
  • Will the tournament winner be older or younger than 30 years old?

Prop bets are hugely varied. Some of them, such as whether there will be a hole in one, are pure guesswork and should be treated as gambling fun. However, others require careful thought and analysis and are some bettors will spend a great deal of time considering them. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take full advantage of all the different prop bets on offer, just be sure to manage your bankroll carefully so that you don’t gamble away all your funds on guess work.

Futures Bets

A future bet is a bet that you can place on something other than the upcoming tournament. The most common example is a bet on who will win the PGA Championship. The further in advance you place this bet, the better the odds will be. Many people will place it before the season even starts, but it can be placed at any time. As the season progresses and it becomes clearer what kind of form players are in, then the odds on the favorites will shorten. Therefore, if you are planning to back a favorite, it is worth placing your bet as early as possible.

Live Betting

Live betting, often called in-play betting, is a way of making watching a golf tournament even more exciting. It allows you to bet on a tournament as it is taking place rather than before it starts. You will find many of the same markets described above, and the odds are updated in real time to reflect the action. There are two main ways to use live betting. The first is to compensate for any bets you may have placed before the tournament. If you have backed a player to win but you see that he is struggling, then you could place a bet on a different player during the tournament to try to make back some of your losses.

You can also use live betting to take advantages of situations as they arise. For instance, imagine that you are betting on the final round of a tournament and two players are tied for the lead on the 18th hole. The difference of one stroke could be vital at this point. If you think you know who will win, then you can place a live bet on that player before he even tees off to try to take advantage of the situation. By keeping a careful eye on the odds and on the action, then there may be many such situations that you can use to your advantage.

PGA Tour Betting Considerations

As with all sports, when you are betting on golf, the more information you are able to assimilate into your decisions, the better your chances of placing a winning bet. When it comes to golf, there are numerous factors that you will need to consider, and it is always worth doing careful research.

For example, ahead of each tournament on the PGA Tour, you will need to consider the course being played. Some are better suited to long hitters, some to short hitters. The greens can also have a big impact on a player’s round. This information is important regardless of what type of bet you are placing, but it is particularly helpful when looking at the tournament matchup markets. You will need to consider which of the two players is better suited to the course and how they have performed on similar courses in the past. You will also want to think about factors such as whether the tee time will affect a player’s performance, if the player has a home advantage, and so on.

It is possible to do a huge amount of research into individual players. You can of course look at their recent results to see what their form has been like. You should also take a look at recent news reports or even the players’ social media accounts to see if you can gain any insights into how they are feeling. It is also important to look at historical results or the player and the course. Another important factor may be the weather, which can have a huge impact on a player’s performance. This can be a long process and it is possible to become carried away when you are just wagering for fun, but it certainly cannot do your chances any damage. 

How to Bet on the PGA Tour at SuperBook Sports

As long as you are in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia, you can start placing PGA Tour bets online with SuperBook Sports extremely easily. If you are in Nevada, then you will have to first visit the SuperBook at Westgate in Las Vegas to create your account. However, once you have done so, you can place bets from your mobile device with ease whenever you wish as long as you are in the state borders.

If you are planning on betting within Colorado, then the entire process can be done online. You don’t even need to be in the state to setup your SuperBook Sports account, you can do it from our website in preparation for your visit. The first thing you will need to do is visit the Colorado website and click on the ‘Join Now’ button to start the process. You will then be taken to our registration form. It is very simple and asks for details including:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Information
  • Physical Address
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

At the same time, you can set up your password and choose some security questions. Most of the information in the form is needed so that we can verify your identity, which is a legal requirement. In the rare case that we cannot do so, we may then ask for further details, such as a scan of an official photo ID card.

Similarly, when you want to start placing bets, we need to make sure that you are within Colorado’s borders. We do this with a piece of software called GeoComply, which you can install on both computers and mobile devices very quickly and easily. You do not need it to create your account, but you will need it in order to place bets.

Once your account is ready, you can then deposit funds in it with which to place bets. There are various different payment methods on offer, all of which are easy to use and entirely secure.

After your account is set up and you have funds available, you can then start placing bets on the PGA Tour. From the menu on the left side of the screen, you should select ‘PGA Tour’. It will then show you a list of betting markets available for the next tournament.

You will see that the betting markets are split into different categories, such as Outrights, Tournament Matchups, Group matchups, Props, and so on. Simply select a category to browse the bets within it. When you find the relevant bet, you can then click on it to add it to your bet slip (displayed on the right).

Once the bet is in your bet slip, you can then enter how much you wish to wager.  This will then update the field showing you how much you can win from the bet. Once you are happy with the bet, simply confirm it and then all you can do is watch the tournament and wait to see if you have won.

You will notice that it is also possible to access the betting markets on other golf tournaments/tours from this screen. You can simply click on them and then browse their markets in exactly the same way.

PGA Tour Betting FAQs

Is it legal to bet on golf and the PGA Tour?

Yes, deepening on what state you are in. Each US state is able to set its own laws regarding sports betting, but in all the states where SuperBook Sports operates, betting on the PGA tour is entirely legal. This means that if you are in Colorado or Nevada, it is entirely legal to bet on the PGA Tour, and every other golf tournament that we offer betting markets on.

What type of PGA Tour bets can I place?

There is a vast number of betting markets available on each tournament of the PGA Tour. You can of course bet on the outright winner, while you can also bet on match ups, groups, various different proposition bets, the winning score, and more.

Do you offer bets on other golf tours and tournaments?

Absolutely. We offer betting markets on a huge range of golf events including the European Tour, the LPGA Tour, the Maters, the FedEx Cup Championship, the Ryder Cup and so on. If there is a professional golf tournament taking place somewhere in the world, then we will do our best to provide you with betting opportunities.

Can I bet on the PGA Tour online? With ease. You can place your PGA Tour bets directly on the SuperBook Sports website or through our mobile apps. As long as you are physically located in a state where we are licensed, then our full range of online betting opportunity