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SuperBook Sports is the top destination for Arizona sports betting fans interested in placing a bet on leagues and events taking place in the US and around the world.

Arizona Sports Betting with SuperBook Sports

Arizona is one of many US states to have legalized sports betting. The Arizona state senate passed the bill legalizing sports betting in April 2021 and the first bets were placed in September of the same year. SuperBook Sports is now accepting bets in the state, providing everything you need to back your favorite teams.

SuperBook Sports has long been recognized as one of Las Vegas’ leading sportsbooks and in addition to operating in Nevada we also operate in Colorado and New Jersey.

It is simple to place your bets with us at SuperBook Sports. We have an easy-to-use website as well as dedicated apps for Android and iOS, all of which means that you can make your bets in seconds and never miss out on an opportunity to back your teams to win.

Bet on Arizona’s Top Teams at a Licensed Sportsbook

Arizona law allows betting on professional and college sports. This means that you can easily bet on sports such as baseball, basketball, football and hockey with ease. SuperBook Sports offers you masses of betting markets on all of these sports and more, meaning that there are many different ways of backing a team. Here is some more information about what we offer.

NFL Betting in Arizona

If you live in Arizona, then there is a good chance that you will be a fan of the Arizona Cardinals. The team plays in the National Football Conference’s West Division and they have a proud history dating all the way back to 1898. While the team has never won a Super Bowl, their stadium has hosted a few of them. Furthermore, the team has reached the playoffs ten times and has won seven playoff games, meaning that there are plenty of reasons to bet on them.

At SuperBook Sports, we have a huge range of betting markets available on the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL as a whole. We bring sides and totals for all 272 NFL games of the 18-week regular season together with many future markets, prop bets, and more. As you explore the markets, you will realize that there is barely an aspect of the sport not covered, so you can back the Cardinals, or any other team, any way that you wish.

NBA Betting in Arizona

The Phoenix Suns are the hottest NBA team in the valley. The team plays in the Western Conference Pacific Division, and it is the only one in the division not based in California. The Phoenix Suns have reached the NBA playoffs on numerous occasions and have played in two NBA Finals. While they are yet to win one, there is every chance that their day will come.

Whether you support Phoenix Suns or any other NBA team, we have all you need for a rewarding basketball betting experience. You will find masses of markets for both the regular season and the playoffs. You can of course place all the standard bets, such as the moneyline, spread and totals, as well as future bets, live bets, props, and more.

MLB Betting in Arizona

The Arizona Diamondbacks are one of the state’s big sports successes. Founded as an expansion team in the National League’s West Division of Major League Baseball, the team became the fastest expansion team to win a World Series title when they beat  the New York Yankees after just four seasons.

If you are a baseball fan wanting to back the Diamondbacks or any of the other teams playing in MLB, then you have arrived in the right place. We bring you markets covering every game from the start of the season right through to the World Series. You can enjoy standard markets, such as the runline, moneyline and totals, together with future betting, prop bets, and in-play betting, ensuring that there are plenty of chances to win.

NHL Betting in Arizona

Arizona’s ice hockey fans tend to support the Arizona Coyotes. While the team has never played in a Stanley Cup Final, they have reached the playoffs and fans will be hoping that they do so again.

Whether you support the Coyotes or any other NHL team, at SuperBook Sports you will find all of the betting markets you could possible need. There are several ways to bet on a game, including the moneyline, puck line, totals, in-play betting, prop betting, and more. We also offer future bets, allowing you to have some action riding on the entire season. For example, you could back the Coyotes to win the Stanley Cup before they have even played a game.

MLS Betting in Arizona

Arizona may not yet have any teams in the MLS, but there are a number of soccer teams for fans to get behind. There are Phoenix Rising RC, which plays in the USL Championship, FC Tucson, which plays in USL League One, and CS Arizona, which plays in the National Premier Soccer League. These teams have some collectively pulled off some fantastic achievements, and are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

If you are looking to bet on MLS, regardless of which team you are interested in, you can do so with ease. We bring you a huge number of markets on every single game, including moneyline, goal line, and totals. You can get in on the betting action while games are taking place with our in-play markets, or you can bet on the season as a whole with the future markets.

Additional Sports Betting

There are far more sports that you can bet on in Arizona. For example, the state is home to several stops on the PGA Tour, such as the Phoenix Open, and you can bet on all of these at SuperBook Sports. The state is also known for auto sports, with two NASCAR weekends taking place each year at the Phoenix International Raceway. You can bet on these and far more, such as tennis, boxing, and MMA, at SuperBook Sports.

College Basketball Betting in Arizona

Some people believe that college basketball is even more exciting than the NBA. Regardless of whether you agree with this, it certainly presents plenty of opportunities to place bets. There are games taking place throughout the season and they bring with them almost the same range of betting markets as their professional league counterparts.

The Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball team is hugely successful and has produced several NBA players. The state is also home to the Arizona State Sun Devils basketball team, which has also had its fair amount of success. There is also the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks and the Grand Canyon Antelopes. In other words, there are plenty of teams to get behind.

College Football Betting in Arizona

Similar to basketball, Arizona is home to a large number of successful college football teams. The Wildcats have seen considerable success in the past, last winning a Bowl game in 2015, while the Sun Devils have enjoyed more recent success, winning a Bowl game in 2019. You can bet on these teams and many more college football teams right here at SuperBook Sports.

Mobile Sports Betting in Arizona

If you are in Arizona, then it is completely legal to place bets from your smartphone. This means that you can use the SuperBook Sports apps to place bets quickly and easily, whenever you so wish. There are apps for both Android and iOS that take no time to install and get started using. We just ask that you also install the GeoComply plugin so that we can verify that you are within the state borders when placing your bets.

If you have never before placed bets online, then you will soon discover that mobile betting is often the best way of doing so, particularly if you are watching a game. It doesn’t matter where you are watching, at the stadium, in a bar, at home, or anywhere else, the mobile apps allow you to place a bet in no time at all as soon as you spot an opportunity. We have live betting markets that are updated in real time, which means that you can use your sports knowledge to spot great chances.

You can do it all from our apps. In addition to browsing the huge number of markets and placing bets, the apps also allow you to deposit funds and withdraw winnings, enjoy bonus offers, and more. In short, it is like carrying a huge sportsbook with you everywhere you go.

The Path to Legal Sports Betting in Arizona

As in most states, the path to legal sports betting in Arizona was not smooth. However, thanks to the hard work of some dedicated people, it is now a reality. The legislation to legalize sports betting was first introduced in 2019. However, it didn’t get very far as there was not much support and there was considerable opposition from the state’s tribes. At the same time, it was widely assumed that legal sports betting would come to the state, there was just no feeling of urgency.

However, this all changed when the coronavirus pandemic came along and the state’s revenues suffered. The tourism industry was decimated by the pandemic, and the state had to look elsewhere for income. It wasn’t long before state leaders and Governor Doug Ducey, together with tribal leaders who were also feeling the effects of the pandemic, turned their attention to sports betting as a new source of revenue.

However, even with the pressures of the pandemic, the sports betting legislation remained stuck at the committee level until the end of March 2021. It seemed that the state Senate was prepared to pass a new version of the bill, but progress was halted by a typo. Originally, all professional sports teams in the state were to receive a mobile sports betting platform or online licenses, including the Scottsdale golf course and the Phoenix International Raceway. However, a typo in the bill meant that any “motorsports event” or “collector car auction” event that had an average attendance of 150 would qualify for a sports betting license. This means that virtually any venue could apply for a license by holding a “collector car auction” with at least 150 people there.

What was intended was that a track or car collector event should have an average attendance of 150,000. This would mean that Phoenix International Raceway would qualify for a license, but not any small venue in the state. This error caused anxiety amongst the tribes as car collector auctions were not mentioned in any previous version of the bill.

Things ground to a halt for a while as one senator wished to expand gambling opportunities for non-tribal interests. However, the tribes also wished to expand their own opportunities to include additional casino games such as craps and roulette in their facilities. In the end a compromised was reached and the bill passed both the House and Senate before being signed into law by the Governor on April 15, 2021.

Sports betting then launched in the state on September 9, 2021, which is remarkably fast compared to many other states, and it is regulated by the Arizona Department of Gaming. The state has made 20 sports betting licenses available. Up to 10 of them may be associated with professional sports franchises or facilities and the other 10 can be associated with federally recognized tribes located in the state. Each license allows for brick-and-mortar betting as well as two online brands. Furthermore, each professional sports team is allowed a primary sportsbook on-site and a second location nearby.

Get Started Sports Betting in Arizona with SuperBook Sports

In Arizona you are able to place your bets with us at SuperBook Sports very easily. You will first need to create an account, which can be done entirely online both on a computer and on your smartphone. When you create an account, you will be asked to provide us with various bits of information such as:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number (last 4 digits)
  • Current physical address (PO Boxes are not acceptable)
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number

We need all of this as by law we have to be able to verify your identity. If, for some reason, we are unable to do so, then we may ask for further documentation, such as a copy of a driving license. As mentioned above, you will also need to install software that allows us to verify that you are within Arizona state borders when placing your bets. However, you don’t need to be a resident of the state, so even if you are visiting on holiday or happen to live near the border, then you can still bet with us.

After creating your account, all that is left is to fund it, and there are many different payment methods available to you. Once your account is ready, you can then start placing bets and enjoying all that we have to offer at SuperBook Sports.


Is SuperBook Sports available in Arizona?

Yes SuperBook Sports went live in Arizona in December of 2021.

Is sports betting legal in Arizona?

Yes! Sports betting has been legal in Arizona since September 2021. As long as you are at least 21 years old and located in the state, then it is legal to place bets. There is just one restriction, we cannot accept prop bets on individual performances in college sports.

What sports can I bet on at SuperBook Sports?

You can bet on a huge range of American and international sports at SuperBook Sports including football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, MMA, boxing, auto racing and more. We cover all major events taking place around the world, so that you can bet on those that interest you.

Can I only bet on Arizona sports?

No. We offers betting markets on events taking place right across the US and the rest of the world. Whether you are interested in American sports, European sports, or events taking place elsewhere, we have the markets you need.

Do I have to live in Arizona to place bets?

No, it doesn’t matter where you live. The important thing is where you are located when placing your bets. You must be within the state borders. As long as you are then it is legal for you to place bets and for us to accept them.

Is mobile betting available in Arizona?

Definitely. We have a mobile compatible website and apps for both Android and iOS. As such, you can enjoy all that we have to offer here at SuperBook Sports as long as you have an internet connected mobile device and you are located within Arizona.