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At SuperBook Sports, we bring you every Major League Baseball betting line you may need, including future bets, pennant betting, and in-play betting.

Betting on MLB

If you are a baseball fan looking to bet on MLB, then SuperBook Sports is right where you need to be. We operate in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia, soon we will be launching in other states, so if you are in any of these states, you can enjoy our huge range of betting lines on all MLB games, including futures, prop bets, live betting and more. You are welcome to visit our physical venues to place your bets, or you can place them in seconds through our website and mobile apps. No matter which method you chose, you will find everything you need for an enjoyable MLB betting experience.

Popular MLB Betting Lines and Odds

There are numerous betting markets available on the MLB; some of them are very straightforward while others are a bit more involved. Don’t worry if you are a newcomer to MLB betting, here we will teach you about the various bets you can place at SuperBook Sports.


The moneyline bet is the most straightforward and the most popular. It is simply a bet on one of the teams to win the game. You will see moneyline bets that look something like this:

Seattle Mariners +134 Oakland Athletics -144

In this example, the Oakland Athletics are the favorites to win and the Seattle Mariners are the underdogs. The favorites are shown with a minus sign and the underdogs with a plus sign. The number after the minus sign shows you how much you need to bet to win $100 and the number after the plus sign shows you how much you will win if you bet $100.

Therefore, if you were to bet $100 on Oakland to win and they did, you would receive $169.44 (as you receive your initial bet back). If you were to bet $100 on the Mariners and they were to win, then you would receive $234 (including your initial bet).

When you bet on the favorite, you have a better chance of winning, which is why the payout is smaller. When betting on the underdog your chances of winning are smaller, and that is why the potential rewards are greater.

Runline Betting

The runline bet is very popular and is very similar to the point spread bet in other sports, such as football. Before the game, a team is given an advantage of 1.5 runs to help and make the betting field more balanced. In baseball, the number of runs is always set at 1.5 as it is generally a low scoring sport. A typical market may look like this:

Arizona Diamondbacks -1.5 (+135) Pittsburgh Pirates +1.5 (-155)

For the Diamondbacks to cover the run line, it means that they must win the game by at least two runs. For the Pirates to cover it, it means that they need to win the game or not lose by more than 1 run.

This may sound a little confusing to begin with, but you will get used to it very quickly. It can be a good way to back the underdog if you think that they will put up a good fight and make it a very close game.

First Five Innings

As any baseball fan will know, during the regular season, particularly around April and May, it can take teams a little while to settle down. There are young players who have been called up, new managers adjusting to their teams, seasoned players who are feeling a bit sluggish, starting pitchers that don’t deliver more than three quality innings, and so on. All of this can have a big impact on the final score and hence, your betting strategy. That is why this betting market is so popular.

It is very similar to a moneyline bet, except that you are only betting on the first five innings of a game. This means that when placing the bet, you only need to worry about starting pitchers and how they tend to perform in the first five innings. This makes it a less risky bet, as you don’t have to consider all of the pitchers.

The odds are displayed in the same way as the moneyline bet, with the addition of being able to bet on a draw. It can be a hugely useful betting market, and one that serious bettors will want to pay attention to.

Totals Betting

There are various forms of totals bet, but the most basic is on the combined score of both teams at the end of a game. A typical market may look as follows:

Over 10.5 (-115) Under 10.5 (-105)

Here you are able to bet on the game having over or under 10.5 runs in total. If you think that they will score 11 or more, then you bet over and if you think they will score 10 or less, you bet under.

There are many factors that can be considered when placing these bets. For instance, the park the game is played in. At some locations, such as Coors Field, the ball travels further, while at others such as Wrigley Field, the wind can have a big effect on the game. Of course, you should also be considering the relative strengths of the teams involved, the individual players, injuries, and so on.

As mentioned, there are a number of other totals markets. You can bet on the totals of individual teams, rather than the combined totals, you can bet on the first five innings totals, as well as the hits and runs. Totals bets are a simple concept, but they open up numerous betting opportunities.

Futures Betting

As the name suggests, futures bets allow you to bet on things that will happen in the future. For example, in March you do not know which team will win each division, but you can certainly bet on it. You will find futures markets on pennant races, the World Series, and major baseball awards. You can place these bets before the season begins and as it progresses. In general, the earlier you place the bet, the greater the potential returns. In addition to being a lot of fun, future bets also give you another reason to stay engaged with the entire season as you wait to see if you have won.

It is worth noting that future bets are often displayed with fractional odds. For instance, you may see the New York Yankees at 10/1 to win the World Series, which means that for every $1 you bet, you could win $10. It is worth keeping a close eye on the future betting markets, particularly in the early part of the season, as if you believe a team will surprise everyone and cause an upset, it will give you the chance to take advantage of some very generous odds.

Prop Bets

Prop (proposition) bets allow you to bet on things that are not directly related to the result of a game. When looking at the betting lines for any given game, you will see Player Props, Parlay Props and Game Props.

Common player props include how many hits a player will make, how many RBIs, how many runs, total bases, singles, doubles, triples, home runs, stolen bases, strikeouts, and so on. Parlay props combine two players together; an example market may be Chris Flexen & Cole Irvin both hits allowed > 4.5. Game props may include Race to 3 Runs (which team scores 3 first), the winning margin, the total home runs, the team with the highest scoring inning, and so on.

These markets can be a huge amount of fun and they give you the chance to bet on many different aspects of a baseball game, so they are always worth a close look.


A parlay gives you the chance to combine multiple bets. If you add two or more bets to your betting slip, you then have the chance to combine them and place a single bet. The advantage is that they offer much larger returns, but this is because each individual bet has to win, which is of course much harder.

For example, if you have the two markets:

Seattle Mariners +134 Oakland Athletics -144

Arizona Diamondbacks -120 Pittsburgh Pirate +110

You may want to place $100 on the two favorites. If you were to place them as two individual bets, you would have the chance to net total winnings of $152.77. However, if you were to combine them into a parlay bet then the odds become +211 and betting just $100 (rather than $200) could see you win $210.65.

Round Robins

A round robin bet is a little more complicated than a parlay, but also less risky. A round robin allows you to make multiple parlay bets on a group of at least three teams.

Imagine that there are three teams playing, you think they will all win, and you are considering placing a parlay bet on this. For the sake of an example, the teams could be the Blue Jays, the Yankees and the Red Sox. With a parlay bet, if one of these teams were to lose, then the entire bet loses.

However, a round robin allows you to make three, two-team parlays involving these three teams. It would look like this: Jays/Yankees, Jays/Sox, Yankees/Sox. If two of the three teams win, then you would make a small profit. If all three teams win, you would make a good profit, but smaller than if you had placed a regular parlay bet. If only one team wins, then you would lose all three bets. While the potential winnings may be smaller than a parlay bet, it is a much less risky bet, so you will have a better chance of receiving something.

In-Play Odds

In-play betting, also called live betting, allows you to bet on a baseball game as it is taking place. In addition to many of the markets described above, you may also find markets dealing with plate appearances, runs, which base a batter will get on, and the number of strikeouts a pitcher will record during any given inning. The markets allow you to respond to what you are seeing happen on the pitch, and you can place a bet in seconds using our website or mobile apps, so that you never have to miss an opportunity.

How to Bet on MLB at SuperBook Sports

It is easy for those in Nevada and Colorado to bet online with us. In Nevada, we require you to visit us first at the Westgate in Vegas to open your account. In Colorado, you can sign up with ease from your computer or mobile phone.

The first thing you need to do is create an account and you begin the process by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button found at the top of our website. This takes you to the sign-up form where you need to provide us with your personal details including:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Information
  • Physical Address
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

At the same time, you will be asked to create a password and setup some security questions. Legally, we are required to collect all of this information in order to verify your identity. We also need to verify your physical location when placing bets, as we cannot accept bets if you are not in a state where we are licensed to operate. To do this, you need to install the GeoComply plugin, but this will also only take you a few minutes. The good news is that you can create an account no matter where you are in preparation for visiting Colorado.

After setting up your account, you then need to deposit some funds with which to place bets. There are many payment methods available, and you should have no problem finding one that is convenient for you.

After funding your account, you can get started placing bets on MLB. You can choose MLB from the menu on the left and you can then choose from the various categories of bets, such as Games, World Series, WS Early Line and Pennants (you will also notice that you can select other baseball leagues to bet on). You most likely want to bet on an upcoming game, in which case you select ‘Games’.

You will then see a list of all upcoming games. Here you can immediately add the three most basic bets to your bet slip, Money, Total and Spread. If you wish to place one of these then just click on the relevant field and it will be added to the bet slip. Alternatively, click on ‘More Bets’ to see a full list of markets available for that game.

Once you have added a bet to the slip, you can fill in how much you wish to bet and it will show you the potential returns. You can also use the bet slip to set up round robin bets and parlays. Once you are happy with your bet, simply place it and then you just need to wait to see if you have won.

MLB Betting FAQs

Is MLB betting legal in the US?

Each state in the US is able to set its own laws regarding sports betting. A number of states have legalized the practice and SuperBook Sports currently operates in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. This means that if you are present in one of those states when you place your bets, it is entirely legal. You do not need to be a resident in the state, just within its borders. Furthermore, SuperBook Sports will soon be launching in other state from which you can legally place your MLB bets.

What type of MLB betting markets are there?

We offer many different types of betting markets on Major League Baseball. When betting on a game, you can place moneyline, total, run line, first five innings bets and more. You can also place future bets, which relate to the entire season, player and game proposition bets, live bets, and so on. In short, we provide you with betting markets to cover everything that you could possibly wish to bet on. 

How are MLB odds set?

We have in-house experts who set all the odds on MLB games. Generally, the odds are designed to attract equal betting action to both sides of the betting line. Our experts will assess the likelihood of the various outcomes of each market and then set the odds accordingly.

Is it possible to bet on MLB online?

Of course it is. As long as you are located within one of the states where we operate, then you can place your MLB bets online with ease. Simply visit our website, sign into your account, and you can place your bets in seconds. You can also use our mobile apps (we have dedicated apps for iOS and Android), and these will allow you to place your bets on the go, so you never need to miss out on a betting opportunity.

Do you only offer baseball bets on MLB?

No, we cover several other baseball leagues. For instance, you can bet on the Japanese NPB and the South Korean KBO. We try to cover as many baseball events as possible so that fans can bet on whatever games they want to.

Can I bet on MLB games taking place in states where SuperBook doesn’t operate?

Yes. The restriction only applies to where you are based when placing a bet. This means that we can offer betting lines on MLB games taking place in any state. In fact, we can legally offer you betting lines on sporting events taking place anywhere in the world.