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If the current lines have you uneasy about your chances, comfort yourself with a teaser. Teasers are parlay bets in which you can modify the spread in your favor. You have an option to add 6, 6.5 or 7 points to the spread in your favor in exchange for a change in odds. Teasers are very popular in football betting. Some bettors like to use football teasers to get to valuable numbers in the spread such as -2.5, -6.5, -9.5, -13.5, +7.5, +10.5 or +14.5. MORE TIPS & TRICKS >>

Inside The Book

Meet the Oddsmakers

Jay Kornegay

Between his stellar reputation and over 30 years of experience, Kornegay is known as one of the best oddsmakers in Las Vegas. In his current role, Kornegay is the Executive Vice President of Sports and Race and has been a key member of the SuperBook team since 2004. The Denver native has led the SuperBook Sports team to a number of “Best of Vegas” awards as well as the “Best Sports App” award in 2021. Kornegay says working with his team of experienced oddsmakers is what he enjoys most about working at SuperBook.

Jeff Sherman

Sherman is the Vice President of Risk Management and Oddsmaking and has been a valuable piece of SuperBook since 2004. He is a Los Angeles native who has been in the risk management and sports odds making business since 1993. Sherman is also known as one of the best golf oddsmakers in the country. His favorite part of the job is pricing the unique offerings on the SuperBook betting menu.

Ed Salmons

Salmons has been a key member of the SuperBook team for nearly 20 years and is currently the Vice President of Risk and Operations. The New Jersey native began working in 1992 in risk management and sports odds making. Salmons loves working at SuperBook Sports because of the constant change of pricing games, futures, and everything else associated with the industry.

John Murray

Murray is the Director of Race and Sports and has been an integral part of the SuperBook team since 2010. A native of Virginia, Murray was recently named to the Las Vegas Sun’s prestigious “40 under 40” list for his work at SuperBook Sports and in the community. He has more than 15 years of experience operating race and sports books in Nevada. Murray also stars on “The Oddsmakers” podcast and on social media.

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