The State of State – Tennessee – May 2023

May 24, 2023

The State of the State

A look at what’s happening on the Tennessee sports scene: Why betting big on the Braves is never a bad idea.

The Atlanta Braves are the best team in the National League.

To say “it’s not even close” would be disputable. Atlanta does have the best record. Atlanta has been the most consistent. Atlanta does have both pitching and hitting.

The usual suspects will be vying to represent the National League in the World Series – the Dodgers, primarily. Some early season “trendy” picks have struggled (see San Diego, the Mets, St. Louis and even Philly.)

It seems that every year, fans and bettors alike become overly excited about anyone other than the Braves or Dodgers. And every year, one or both is vying to represent the National League in the World Series. Betting on the Braves or Dodgers – or both – is like betting on Easter happening in April. Sure, it can take place in March, but typically speaking, the Bunny shows up in April.

What’s wrong with leaning into the reliable?

At the moment, the Braves are +500 to win the World Series, and you guessed it, they’re the favorite at this point. The Dodgers, as you’ve also probably guessed, are second, coming in at +600.

To begin the season, both teams were +700 to win the World Series. After the first month and half of the season, the Braves have separated themselves just slightly in the minds of the betting public. And history might be the reason why. The Braves have advanced to the NLCS 11 times in their last 22 postseason runs. The Braves rarely miss the postseason, so knowing that they’ll at least be invited to the party takes a lot of the risk out of a World Series futures bet. The NL West and NL East, at least for purposes of this discussion, are fairly comparable. The Braves will have to deal with the Mets and Marlins and in theory, the Phillies; meanwhile, the Dodgers are being pressed by the Diamondbacks with both the Giants and Padres lurking in the shadows.

One can never go wrong betting on the Braves to contend for a World Series. If you want insurance, bet a unit on both the Braves and Dodgers, then pull for the team you like best.

* Odds subject to change